VersaPour Valve


There are four styles to choose from: self-serve lever, push button, portion control, and Easy Fill.

Pour more with the VersaPour Valve by Lancer!

The VersaPour Valve can pour it all: hot and cold, still and sparkling, from tea to soft drinks.

$ 0.00

Product Features

Consistent “Best in Class” performance
Lowest “Life Cost” of operation available
Simple design gives high reliability
3 second flow rates
Widest range of ratio control (3.0-9.0)
Mounting block has the same mounting screw hole pattern as Dole SEV, FFV, Cornelius UF1, SF1, McCann Turbo Flo Jr.
Countertop installation with a small foot-print (9.4” x 17.2”)

Product Specifications

Electrical 24V, 50/60 Hz
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Water Water: 40 - 110 psig (2.8 - 7.7 bar)
Syrup (Sugar): 20 - 70 psig (1.4 - 4.9 bar)
Syrup (Diet/Light): 10 - 70 psig (0.7 - 4.9 bar)
Valve type VersaPour
Draw Performance 3.0: 1.5 oz/s - 3.0 oz/s
(44.4 ml/s – 88.8 ml/s)
Certifications UL, SK, NSF model 100
Options Nozzle, Syrup Separator Nozzle, Front Water Lever, Diffuser, Bare Valve

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