Spartan Ice


Redefining the fundamentals of fountain to bring post mix, non-carb refreshments where they haven't gone before.

Spartan Ice - Simple, uncomplicated fountain

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Product Features

Suitable for small restaurants
Small footprint allows total flexibility for placement
Uses EcoPour valves that are eco-friendly, reliable and economical

Product Specifications

HEIGHT 15.55” (395mm)
WIDTH 11.57” (294mm)
DEPTH without dip tray: 19.76” (502mm)
with dip tray: 24.88” (632mm)
Electrical None
Weight 63.93 lbs (29kg)
Ice 22.04 lbs (10kg)
Valves # 2
Valve type EcoPour
Draw Performance 2/12 oz(354.9 ml) per minute below 40ºF (4.5ºC) @ 75ºF (23.8ºC) ambient
Ratios up to 8:1
Options Branding Decals

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